Goodbye to these 4

We had to say goodbye to these 4 outstanding missionaries on Dec. 15.  Sis. Zabariza who is standing by Sis. Robinson, flies home to the Philippines. She obviously has the longest flight home.  We grow to love these missionaries so much that it is often hard to let them return home!  But life after mission must resume.  We are grateful for the time we have them in the Scottsdale Mission.


Christmas Lunch 12-15-16

On our December temple trip days, we combine zones to have a Christmas feast for lunch.  Packages are brought in from loved ones, sorted and given out during lunch.  The following pictures are of the valley zones.  Somehow we did not get pictures of the mountain zones Christmas lunch but it was delicious also.

December Zone Conferences & Temple Trips


Scottsdale & Paradise Valley Zone Conf.

We were thrilled to be able to spend quality time with our missionaries during this holiday season.


Phoenix Zone Conf.



Maricopa & Pinnacle Zone Conf.


Valley  Zones at the Mesa Temple


Valley  Zones at the Mesa Temple

We LOVE your sons and daughters and feel very blessed to associate with such fine men and women as we join forces to share the message of the restored gospel.


Show Low, Snowflake & White Mtn Zone Conf.

We were so uplifted to spend time in the temple with all our missionaries and felt of their testimonies and love for the Savior as we participated in temple ordinances.


Mountain Zones at the Snowflake Temple


Mountain Zones at the Snowflake Temple

Mission Staff Christmas Party 12/5/16

We enjoyed a Christmas get together with all the mission office staff, senior missionary couples, senior service missionary couples, the Area Medical doctor and his wife, the mission nurse and her husband, and one of the counselors in the Mission Presidency and his wife.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner and then spent the evening getting to know each other better.  We showed slides of all the baptisms for the month of November.  Fun and relaxing evening for all of us.

New Arrivals 11-28-16


Sis. Brown actually arrived a couple of weeks ago but we had her join in on this new group of missionaries to go through the formal training.

We welcomed these 9 fine young men and women as our newest missionaries to the AZ Scottsdale mission.  Elder Houghton, whose picture is on the top left corner, flew from the Mexico MTC into the Phoenix airport. Due to weather conditions, his plane was delayed from leaving Mexico City and therefore he missed his connecting flight in Denver, CO.  Fortunately, Elder Houghton is a seasoned flyer for his young age, and knew what to do when he finally arrived in Denver.  He was suppose to fly into Phoenix at 2pm but did not arrive at the mission home until 9:30pm!  Even after a long day, though, he was all smiles and excited to get to work.  What a trooper.

After a day of training and eating meals, our newest missionaries met their companions, or at least most of them met their new companions.  We didn’t have Elder Houghton here yet, and Sis. Hanson and Sis. Palmer were assigned to serve in the mountains and the next day they traveled to the mountains where they met their new sister companion.  We look forward to getting to know these new missionaries in the coming months.  We can already tell that these new missionaries are going to be incredible instruments in the Lord’s hands.

11-16-16 & 11-18-16 AZ Scottsdale Sister Missionary Conference

We decided to hold a Sister’s Missionary Conference with all the sister missionaries in our mission.  Due to the distance between the valley and mountains we held separate conferences – one in the valley and one in the mountains.  Sister training leaders brainstormed themes and came up with two ideas – one for the valley and one for the mountains.  For the Valley conference the theme was “I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengtheneth Me.”  For the Mountain conference the theme was “Trust in the Lord with All Thine Heart.”  Frames were purchased and assembled with the theme and given to each sister at the conclusion of the conferences.  It was fun watching the sisters pick out the frame that best appealed to them.  The agenda for each conference was as follows:  1)  Fun game put on by Sis. Robinson involving pennies.  Each sister was given a certain number of pennies with the goal to accumulate as many pennies as possible.  That is done by coming up with something that you have never done or experienced but which most of the other sisters probably have done or experienced.  For example one sister said she had never seen one Star Wars movie ever.  Just about all the other sisters, of course, had at least seen one Star Wars movie and so they had to give that sister one of their pennies.  One of the sisters from the Phillipines said she had never seen or touched snow.  She received a penny from all the other sisters in the group.  We all had some good laughs and got to know each other a little better.  Then we enjoyed hearing some missionary tips and healthy eating advice from a Stake RS President.  That was a lot of fun and very informational.  Next we had a counselor from LDSFS come speak about relationships and how to cope better with the stress of missionary life.  These counselors were outstanding.  We then enjoyed a wonderful lunch.  Next a couple of sister missionaries led a discussion on how to get more out of scripture study.  In conclusion, Sis. Robinson presented a power point presentation focusing on the theme of the conference.   Following are some pictures from the two conferences.  img_0172