Departing Missionaries Oct. 4, 2018

It is always with strong mixed emotions when we must say farewell to our missionaries.  Truly, this group of young men and women have exemplified their missionary purpose in all that they did everyday.  Here are future leaders in the Lord’s church here on earth. From left to right, back row: Elder Stevens, Elder Melenciano, Elder Dunn,  Elder Humpherys, Elder Edwards, Elder Lemley, Elder Swainston.  Front row: Sis. Hopkins, Sis. Prellwitz, Sis. Tuttle.  We will miss them terribly but are grateful for their strong testimonies of Jesus Christ and the bright future ahead of them.


October 1, 2018 New Missionaries Arrive

On a very rainy Monday afternoon we received 18 new missionaries from the Provo MTC as well as the Mexico MTC.   The first plane from Provo arrived about 2:30pm.  We took these brand new and very eager missionaries back to the church meetinghouse adjacent to the Mission Office, for a light lunch, receiving their new bikes and instructions on driver training.  Then they all went out and did some contacting with zone leaders and sister training leaders in the surrounding neighborhoods as we waited for the second wave of missionaries to arrive from Mexico.  The next group of missionaries came in around 4:45pm but by the time they made it through customs, we did not actually get them until closer to 6pm.  We brought them back to the church meetinghouse where they met the first group of missionaries.  Then we fed them dinner, introduced them to the mission via a power point presentation and then had a discussion about their missionary purpose.  Then we opened it up to questions.  They usually are so tired by this time of night that there is not a lot of questions.  By 9pm we got them situated in their temporary living quarters where they would stay for one night. (Pictures were taken inside the mission home due to the bad weather.)


Brand new companionships!!  Tuesday morning, the missionaries were up and ready to go by 8am.  They enjoyed a great breakfast provided by Sis. Robinson at the mission home and then moved over to the church meetinghouse for a day of instruction and training.  Below are pictures of the brand new companionships.

Elder & Sis. Ochoa 9-20-18

Elder Ochoa and his wife visited the AZ Scottsdale mission in September.  What a joy they were to have and share their testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Elder Ochoa is a General Authority Seventy.  He has previously served with his wife presiding over the Honduras San Pedro Sula Mission, then President of the Central America Area, and then second counselor in the Young Men General Presidency.  He now serves in the presidency of the North America Southwest Area Presidency.  We were privileged to have the Ochoas with us for two days.  We learned that our main objective as missionaries is to baptize and retain.  And if someone asks, “Elder why are you wearing that great tie today?”, the elder is to respond “to baptize and retain.”  All done in fun but to drive home the point that we need to always keep our missionary purpose front and center in everything we do.  Following are pictures of each zone with the Ochoas and then random pictures taken during lunch.




Elder Faragher Arrives 8-24-18


Elder Faragher arrived from the Mexico MTC on Aug. 24, 2018.  He was suppose to come in on Monday with his group from Mexico, but he was sick from a virus that had swept through the MTC.  He was on the mend but not well enough to come with his group.  He arrived today and is more than 100% healthy and ready to go out and preach the gospel.

8-20-18 & 8-21-18 New Missionaries Arrive

Monday, Aug. 20, we received 14 new missionaries into the AZ Scottsdale mission.  Half came from the Provo MTC and half came from the Mexico MTC.  We have one elder from the Mexico MTC who was ill and not able to come with the group.  We expect to get him towards the end of the week.  We brought them over to the Mission home/office to get acquainted and then fed them dinner over at the church next door.  Sis. Robinson fed them smoked pulled pork sandwiches or they could put the pulled pork over a green salad, coleslaw, tortilla chips, carrots, grapes and brownies and ice cream for dessert.  Pres. & Sis. Robinson introduced them to the mission through a power point presentation and also to their family  through a power point.  Then they did some training and answered questions.  By 9:30pm, all missionaries went to their assigned sleeping accommodations for the night.  We are excited to have them and look forward to getting to serve with them.

Tuesday morning, our new missionaries awake and rise at 6:30am, get some exercise in, shower and dress and then are treated to breakfast provided by Sis. Robinson at the mission home.  Then we take a group photo and also individual photos to send home to family to let them know of their son or daughter’s safe arrival in Scottsdale.  Then we all head over to the church meeting house next door to the mission home for interviews by the President, trainings, orientation, and lunch.

After President Robinson interviews each new missionary, he ponders and prays about who should be that new missionary’s companion/trainer.  Then just before lunch, President Robinson has the new missionaries gather with the trainers and announces what the companionships will be.  Its always a little exciting and a little nerve wracking as each new companionship is announced.

As is our usual, after trainings and orientation all the missionaries enjoy a delicious lunch provided by our senior missionary couples.  New missionaries sit with their new companion/trainer and life long friendships begin.  After lunch, Sis. Robinson does a training on technology in the mission field and the assistants do a training on what to expect from her new companion.  Then Pres. Robinson wraps up the days training with some advice and encouragement.  Afterward, driving tests are conducted and then its off to their first area they will serve in.

8-20-18 Visa Waiters Leave

We have enjoyed having these 6 visa waiters for the past couple of months as they have waited to depart for various Philippine missions.  We grow to love them as much as the missionaries who are assigned to the Scottsdale Mission and so it is always with heavy hearts to see them go.  They had amazing experiences while they were with us and adopted our mission as their own during their short time in the Scottsdale Mission.  We wish them well and know they will bless many lives in the Philippines.  From left to right: Elder Cluff, Sis. Schenk, E. McNiven, E. Dickison, E. Clark, E. Christensen.