Departures 3.21.2016

On a beautiful spring Arizona evening, the 6 Sisters and one Elder that constituted the March departing group gathered at the Mission Home and office for farewell interviews and their farewell dinner and testimony meeting. Sister Bass and Elder and Sister Porter met them as they arrived and processed them for departure – turn in the loved/hated Tiwi card, weighed baggage and helped them re-pack as needed and expressed love and support for these wonderful departing missionaries.

Before dinner at 6:00 p.m., the Sisters decided to do an impromptu pyramid (see picture)! That’s bravery!

Dinner was prepared by Elder and Sister Adams – and enjoyed by all. Elder and Sister Adams are on their way to India and so they prepared food that could be found in India (meatballs over rice with sauces, veges and salad). It turned out splendid – and root beer floats topped things off (not sure you can find root beer there!).

After dinner we held a family home evening where each missionary was able to ask questions of Pres. and Sister Sweeney – and these were great questions. But like the Las Vegas commercials, “what’s asked in the Mission Home departure FHE stays in the Mission Home!” The focus of the night was the road ahead and staying faithful during the journey. The departing testimonies were heartfelt and will be remembered – as will these missionaries – in the hearts of Pres and Sister Sweeney.

After a pretty short sleep, the Elders and Sisters were taken to the airport at 5:30 a.m. – bound for many parts of the country and home. These missionaries started and ended their missions with us – and we love them as our own.

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