Mission Photos

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16 thoughts on “Mission Photos

    • Dear Elder – I do have a map. I am not authorized to release it, but in general terms, the mission has 15 stakes – 8 of which are in the NE part of Phoenix – basically part of Scottsdale, Mesa and Tempe – and the other 7 are in the White Mountains of Arizona – a strip of Arizona and New Mexico that starts in Scottsdale and makes a panhandle eastward about 200 miles long and 60 miles wide. We feel especially blessed to have both areas within the mission boundaires. See you soon!

  1. Hi! My son Elder Glenn Wilcox was recently moved to the Arizona Scottsdale mission at the beginning of July. He started his mission in the Arizona Mesa mission. Do you have an address for the Scottsdale mission?

  2. I just discovered this web-site and was looking at the 3 different zone pictures. Why isn’t Elder Vickrey in any of them? (He’s been there since June 4th.)

    • I’m not sure why the gallery does not show his zone (there are 8 in total), but if you will go to the blog post Meet the Mission President and Companion posted on July 9, then look for Snowflake Zone, you will see him on the back row. He is actually in a couple of other shots, but we only got his back!

  3. Thank you for putting together a blog! Hermana Carter didn’t arrive until the end of July so I don’t see her yet in pictures. Sister Holyoak is her companion. Sounds like she is doing very well and just loves her experience there while waiting for her Visa. We sure appreciate all your hard work and helping to guide these new missionaries!
    Ryan and Cathy Carter

  4. This blog is so great! My little brother, Elder Lawson, just flew out to Arizona. Today marks his one week. He is having a great experience so far!

  5. This blog is wonderful. Thank you for your hard work. Could the photos taken at the senior missionary dinner for Elder and Sister Richardson, be put on this blog so that we can copy them. Thank you for your help.
    Best wishes,
    Elder and Sister Holmes

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