Arizona Scottsdale Mission Map & Address & Phone Number

The mission office address is:

6265 N. 82nd Street

Scottsdale AZ 85250

Office telephone is 480-951-8098

Here is a map of the mission boundaries (which go into portions of New Mexico). If you want to see more detail, you may want to click on the link below or Google some of the towns and surrounding areas on this map.

Arizona Scottsdale Mission Map

Here are some of the towns outside of Scottsdale that are in the mission:

Payson, Heber, Taylor, Snowflake, Show Low, Lakeside-Pinetop, Eagar, St. Johns, Ft. Apache, Luna (NM) and Pietown (NM)

17 thoughts on “Arizona Scottsdale Mission Map & Address & Phone Number

  1. Our son just opened his call to this mission Spanish speaking and we are all so excited for him! What is the ratio of Spanish speaking to English speaking missionaries? Also, how many companionships are bicycle versus car?

    • Congratulations to him! About 40 missionaries are Spanish in the mission and of them about 60% are on bikes. A lot of the Spanish live in downtown Phoenix.

  2. Hello Pres. & Sister Sweeney. My name is Selesitila Tenney, soon to be Sister Tenney in the next 2 weeks. I report to the Mexico MTC on Sep. 17th & then head over to Scottsdale, Arizona 🙂 I am so incredibly excited to meet you and all the people in Scottsdale.

  3. Hello Bro. and Sis. Sweeney,
    I have a very interesting story that is unfolding inside your mission boundaries. My oldest daughter recently bought a condo in Scottsdale and has found herself totally alone in a new city. She has been inactive for many years and really needs the Gospel in her life. I have prayed for her constantly and kept her on the Temple prayer roll for years. She has not been amenable to hearing anything about the church until this move, but I believe this may be her time. The reason I say that is because of the following incident…

    At Christmas this year, we had just learned about the struggles this daughter had been going through and wanted to let her know she was loved. I sent out a mass email to all our kids who live all over the US to text her, call her, visit (if possible) and let her know they cared. Of all things, I got a reply from a total stranger. He said he would be delighted to help out any way he could, except he didn’t know me or my daughter- but he was a Moody!

    Turns out that Elder Moody was responding by the same address that my son had when he was on his mission two years ago. My son had not informed me that he had to surrender that address when he got off his mission so it could be re-assigned to another missionary. Another “Elder Moody” was now using this address – and because both men are “J.Moody” , your elder got my plea for help.

    Elder Moody could have been serving anywhere in the world, but his assigned area was here- in Scottsdale, AZ- The same city my daughter had moved to-! I know it was no co-incidence and that the Lord plans such happenings on a regular basis. All we needed to do was to get your Elder Moody to her door. She would be more inclined to listen to a probable cousin than to a complete stranger.

    The last I heard from Elder Moody is that he had put in a request for special permission to teach her, as she was not directly in his assigned area. I was hoping to hear that maybe he would be allowed. Any chance?


    • Let me report to you that the local Sisters did contact your daughter and they had a pleasant conversation though her first words were “did my Mom tell you to do this”. I will wait a bit and when Elder Moody comes down from the mountains to the valley I will send him by in person to see if her heart is any softer. Thank you for trust the Lord to reach her. We will not stop trying!

  4. My name is Jessica Meyers, soon to be Sister Meyers! I was just called to this mission and report to the MTC at the end of May! I am thrilled to serve the people of Scottsdale. If there was one thing I could do now to prepare myself better to serve in this area what would you say it would be?

    • Dear Sister Meyers – For some reason I’ve overlooked your comment until tonight. Here’s what you need to do to best prepare:

      First, read the Book of Mormon entirely through. As you read, pray to know your “why” to serve. It may change several times over the course of your study.
      Second, I’m sending you a talk by Elder Tad Callister called “The Consecrated Missionary”. Please read it and prepare to live the things he instructs all missionaries to do.
      Third, I’m also sending you a talk by Elder Boyd K. Packer called The Candle of the Lord. It is about understanding the Spirit. I LOVE the principles taught in this talk! Study it and read it many times. You will come to LOVE the truths that are here. Thats enough to start on! See you in 6 weeks!

  5. Hello president Sweeney!
    I am a soon to be elder In the ASM mission. I report to the MTC April 13th and am way excited! What percentage of missionaries are on bikes in the mission?

    • Welcome to the mission, Elder Edmondson! About 30% of the Elders and Sisters ride bikes part time or full time. We have limited miles so some ride when their miles get low and others have no car at all. If you bring a bike, please make sure it is a good quality one! No Schwinns! And, we have good competitive prices for bikes available locally. Looking forward to your arrival!

    • Dear Sister Carter – you are going to LOVE your mission! This is a wonderful place – we have mountains with horses and valleys with horses – and lots of great places in between. Pres. and Sister Robinson will have just arrived and will be looking forward to your arrival!

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