Mountain Zones Conference 2- 13-18

Mtn zones

We had a wonderful time in zone conference with our mountain zones: Snowflake, Show Low and White Mountain zones.  We have about 52 missionaries who serve in the mountains about 3-4 hours from Scottsdale.  We usually spend 3 days with them in individual interviews and together in zone conference.  Following are some pictures of the areas these missionaries serve in.

Below, are pictures of Show Low and Pinetop/Lakeside located about 3 hours north and east of Scottsdale.  We did not get a lot of snow this winter.  The elevation is about 6500 and is usually 15-20 degrees cooler than in the valley. We have 14-16 missionaries who serve in this area. There are two stakes and the members are absolutely wonderful.  The Pinetop/Lakeside town is in our White Mountain zone.  The mountain is called White Mountain.

Missionaries also serve on 2 Indian Reservations up here in the mountains called Fort Apache and Cibecue (see pictures below).  These areas are both south of Show Low.  We have 4 elders who serve in each area. They are about 45 min. apart.  We also have a senior missionary couple, the Covingtons, who serve here.  They were called on a CES mission, and they teach seminary, institute and recently began hosting the ARP.  They have been a great help to the Native Americans in this area.   The young missionaries help them whenever they can.  The missionaries are a great support to the Indian Reservation and the two branches of the church.  There is also a lot of missionary work which takes place in both towns.

The pictures below are of Eager and Springerville.  These towns are located 1 hour east of Show Low and rise in elevation to 7,000 ft.  The Eager stake actually takes in parts of New Mexico (Luna and Pie Town).  The Eager Stake takes in Springerville and surrounding area towns including Luna and Pie Town.  We have 8 missionaries serving in this area.  The Eager area is in our Show Low zone.  The environment is so beautiful that it is sometimes referred to as the Garden of Eager.

Below, are pictures of the Snowflake/Taylor areas.  These towns are located about 20 miles north of Show Low.  These is a large population of LDS in both towns.  Snowflake was settled by early Mormon pioneers.  There are 3 stakes between these two towns.  We also have the Snowflake temple here.  The missionaries are able to visit the temple 4 times a year. We have 18 missionaries currently serving this area.

Lastly, we have missionaries who serve in St. Johns, pictured below.  This is a small stake with the surrounding area being quite rural.  We have 4 missionaries who serve here. They are part of the Snowflake zone.

We have other small towns such as Clay Springs, Heber, Vernon, and so on where missionaries serve up here.  Hope that helps give an overview where your missionary might be serving and seeing what that part of the country looks like.

ALS Missionaries Move

Elder Pendleton and Elder Vagen have been serving as our ASL missionaries serving the ASL branch for the past year.  Up until Feb 3, 2018, the ASL branch was in the Phoenix East Stake which is part of the Scottsdale Mission.  But the location of the building they were meeting in was about 45 min. away from most of the members of the ASL branch.  For the past year, they have been working on finding another church bldg to meet in that would be closer to the majority of ASL branch members.  There was an opportunity for the branch to move to a church bldg in the Phoenix North Stake which is much closer for the members to come to.  The Phoenix North Stake is in the Phoenix Mission boundaries.  On Feb. 3, the ASL branch officially moved over to the Phoenix North Stake taking Elder Pendleton and Elder Vagen with them to continue to serve the ASL branch.  We know the branch and the ASL work needs these two outstanding missionaries to keep serving them, but we are pretty heartbroken about losing them.  We will keep in contact with them and will consider them part of the AZ Scottsdale Mission family for the rest of our lives.  The Phoenix Mission is getting some of the most dedicated, hard working and obedient missionaries ever.


Feb. 2018 Valley Zone Conferences

We have had wonderful zone conferences with our 6 zones down in the valley this past week.  We go up to the mountains this next week for their zone conference.  Our focus this conference was using the Book of Mormon.  Sis. Robinson trained on the conversion process that takes place in studying, pondering and praying about the Book of Mormon.   We read in Preach my Gospel “The Book of Mormon combined with the Spirit, is your most powerful resource in conversion.”  The Assistants trained on how we can better help our investigators understand the Book of Mormon and how the Spirit is the teacher.  Pres. Ezra Taft Benson stated “Combined with the Spirit of the Lord, the Book of Mormon is the single greatest tool which God has given us to convert the world.”  Pres. Robinson trained on “The Power of the Word in Us” emphasizing the great promise of power associated with the Book of Mormon.  The Zone Leaders and Sister Training leaders led discussions in the zone break out session of using the doctrine of Christ in everything we teach.  There was good participation and discussion in each of the conferences.  We have obedient missionaries who are here to work and come prepared to learn at zone conference.  Love these dedicated missionaries!!

MA & PN zonesPHX zonesSD & PV zones

We lose our Visa Waiters!


We had to say goodbye to these 4 wonderful missionaries.  Their visa’s came through and off to the Philippines they go.  They were with us for 7 weeks – just enough time for us to get attached to these great sisters and elder.  Elder Chugg, Sis. Pierce, Sis. Green, Sis. Taylor are some of the best!!  We would love to keep them but we know there is great work for them to do in there respective missions in the Philippines.  E. Chugg and Sis. Green are going to the same mission, and Sis. Pierce to another mission, and Sis. Taylor to yet another mission.  We know they will do and see miracles there in the Philippines.  We love them and miss them already.  We will always think of them as being apart of the Scottsdale mission.

Jan. 22, 2018 New Missionaries

We received 10 new missionaries on Monday, Jan. 22, 2018.  Two of these missionaries are actually visa waiters and will eventually go to two different missions in Mexico.  We are excited to have all 10 for now.  Four sisters and six elders.  Our new missionaries come in around 5:15-6pm on Monday evenings now.  After getting all the luggage we take them back to the church bldg next door where we feed them a hot meal.  Then President and Sis. Robinson introduce the new missionaries to them and through a power point presentation introduce them to the mission.  We also encourage them to ask any questions they can think of too.  They are usually excited to finally get out in the field but are exhausted too.  Sometimes we get missionaries from the Mexico MTC.  That was the case for Sis. Childs.  She was up at 3 am in the morning to get ready to make her journey to AZ Scottsdale mission.  The sisters slept at the mission home and the elders slept at an apartment we keep that can sleep 8 across the street.  The next morning we start with a huge breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, grapes, bananas, OJ, chocolate milk, reg. milk and yogurt.  Then we begin the orientation process with the office staff, vehicle and bike safety instructions and driving and training by the assistants and the sister training leaders.  During this time they are also being individually interviewed by Pres. Robinson.  Then just before lunch, President Robinson announces who will be the trainer for each new missionary.  Lots of hugs and excitement at this point.  After they meet their new companion its off to lunch.  Lots of pizza, salad, oranges, carrots and homemade brownies (Sis. Robinson’s speciality).  Lastly, each new missionary goes on a road driving test with Elder & Sis. Kenney our CSM vehicle and bike coordinators.  By 4pm they are off to their assigned areas!



Elder Welsch


Elder Bingham


Elder Beus


Elder Tehuitzil (visa waiter)


Elder Lott


Sis. Galicia


Sis. Thompson


Sis. Childs


Sis. Kebker


Elder Peterson (visa waiter)