Elder Vagen March 20, 2017

In reviewing this blog, I realized I never entered Elder Vagen coming to our mission.  He arrived here from Norway!!  He is deaf and is a convert to the church of about 2 years.  He learned ASL which is a little different than Norwegian sign language.  He has a tremendous testimony and loves serving as a missionary.  His story of running into missionaries in Norway is a miracle.  The ASL missionaries in Norway began teaching him ASL so they could communicate and teach him the gospel.  He bore his testimony this last zone conference and we all felt we were int he presence of a spiritual giant.  His companion is ASL and they serve in the ASL branch in Phoenix doing a tremendous job there.  We are so grateful to have Elder Vagen with us!!

3-20-17 Elder Vagen

Elder Vagen

3-20-17 New Arriving Missionary Elder Vagen

Elder England is on the right who is hearing but is one of our ASL missionaries. Elder Gubler is on the left and he also is one of our ASL missionaries. They were very helpful in translating for Pres. Robinson.

Hard To Say Goodbye!

Sis. Romney, our mission office secretary finished her service as a senior missionary in the Scottsdale Mission on May 17, 2017.  She had previously served a mission in Frankfurt, Germany 2012-2014.  Then, she ‘applied’ to come serve as the mission secretary for then, Pres. Sweeney, whom she had known for several years.  She arrived in the Scottsdale mission Dec. 2014.  She continued to serve as secretary for Pres. Robinson when he took over the mission duties in July 2016.  Sis. Romney (Bass) had been a widow for several years.  While serving in the Scottsdale mission, Sis. Romney met and married her husband, David (a widower), in her home ward here in Scottsdale.  They have been married for 9 mos now and are excited to do some traveling at the conclusion of Sis. Romney’s missionary service.  The entire mission will miss Sis. Romney.  She loved the missionaries and loves the Lord.  She always had a big smile and sweet words to share with the missionaries when they came into the office.  Her dedication and attention to detail in this mission was superb.  We will all miss her very, very much.


Elder & Sis. Porter have been serving as our vehicle & bike coordinator and as referral, mail and baptism coordinator.  Besides doing an outstanding job in all these areas, they have loved these missionaries like their own children.  Many times, you could see Elder and Sis. Porter helping these missionaries figure out some of their future educational plans when their mission’s were coming to a close.  Elder Porter always had his phone on him ready to go into action at any time of day or night if a missionary needed him.  They too, will be greatly missed.  Fortunately, they live in Mesa, and we hopefully will see them from time to time.


We held a going away gathering and luncheon for the Romneys and Porters with all our senior missionaries serving in the Scottsdale mission.  The young missionaries who serve in the Scottsdale mission have had their lives richly blessed by these wonderful senior missionary couples.  We will miss the Porters and Romneys at these gatherings.


7 of our finest return home with honor

Once again we said goodbye to 7 of our finest.  Four of the seven have quite a long flight back home.  Elder Kapisi was picked up by his parents for his return trip back to Hawaii.  Elder Hugo is on his way back to Alaska.  Sis. Manarangi will return to Tonga. Sis. Fukushima returns to Japan.  Sis. Fisher, Sis. Grow and Elder Huerra are stateside and have a much shorter trip.  We have enjoyed these great missionaries.  We know they will make great leaders of the church!


They talked Pres and Sis. Robinson into doing a silly picture.  But President only has one pose.



5-15-17 New Missionaries

We had 10 new missionaries arrive in the mission on May 15, 2017.  Unfortunately on the day they flew in, Pres. Robinson had a 24 hr flu bug that kept him home.  Sis. Robinson was able to pick up these new missionaries with the help of the assistants and bring them to the mission home.  They all enjoyed lunch together on the back patio of the mission home and then walked next door to our meetinghouse for a full afternoon of orientation.  Later they met and were assigned their new companion/trainer.  The wind was blowing fairly strong this day as you may notice Sis. Robinson’s hair flying around.  By the morning, Pres. Robinson was back on his feet and met the new missionaries as they took off for their assigned areas.

May 15 2017 Arrivals


Goodbye Elder & Sis. Jex

This is late getting posted but in April we had to say goodbye to Elder & Sis. Jex.  We held a going away get together over at the Mission Home.  This is the Jex second mission they have served in the last 5 years.  We will miss them very much.


They have served faithfully an 18 month mission in the Scottsdale mission where they mostly worked with the Native Americans on the reservation up in Cibecue.  They were much loved by the members up there in that branch.  Following are pictures of a branch activity put on the by the Jex and the elders.  Pres. Spencer W. Kimball loved the Native Americans in this area and was the one who had this chapel built and later came and dedicated it.  Pres. & Sis. Robinson were invited to their branch activity on March 17 where we enjoyed enchiladas, salad and mingling with the Cibecue branch members.  Beautiful and humble people.


Our Mountain Zone Conference

We held our zone conferences with the three zones up in our mountain area of the mission on 4-25-17.  We have between 50-56 missionaries who serve in an area which covers about 200-300 square miles up in the Heber, Snowflake, Show Low, White Mountain and Eager areas.  They are very dedicated and love to serve in this beautiful environment.


We always conclude all our zone conferences with a wonderful lunch prepared by different Stake RS sisters.  Pictured is Sis. Seaman, the Stake RS Pres., from the Show Low Stake with her helpers (including her wonderful husband).  We are spoiled by the love and attention we are given at these lunches.