Would You Be Willing?

President and Sister Durrant of the Texas Dallas Mission have done wonderful things with these 11 words: Would you be willing to listen to a brief presentation about [fill in the blank]. The fill in the blank will vary depending on the type of gospel conversation you are having. Examples include “why we are so happy”, “God’s plan for you”, and “eternal families”.

They’ve tested this brief invitation in the Texas Dallas Mission with real members asking real people and almost 50% will say yes to this invitation. It uses great words like “willing” and “brief” – both of which connote friendly conversation that respects people’s time.

We’ve taken this “Willing and Brief” to video to show how everyday members can do this and post it to their facebook wall. Give it a try!

How Sweet the Word!

Here it is! The Restoration of the Gospel told in American Sign Language! We are so excited about how this has turned out and for the many great things we have already heard about it. We hope you will take this opportunity to share this video with others in your life so that they too can come to appreciate the truths that you’ve come to cherish.