12-19-18 Transfer Day

We thought we would post some pictures which depict what happens on transfer day.  The day before transfer day is the orientation day for new missionaries where they are assigned their new companion/trainer.  At the end of that day, most of them go to their new area with their new companion.  The next day we begin at 8am where all missionaries transferring within the mission boundaries happens.  It is a day filled with lots of activity.  Those missionaries who are being transferred up to the mountains arrive at the mission office at 8am.  Once there, they load their luggage and bike in the trailer, say goodbye to their current companion and head up to the mountains.  The weather in AZ is usually very accommodating and we rarely have rain or bad weather on this day.  The mornings have been bit cold though, in the 30’s.  But by the afternoon we warm up in the 60’s.  So we start out in the mornings with coats and then end with sweaters.  The van and truck which pulls the trailer heads to the mountains where they will stop at Payson, about half up, to drop off missionaries there, and then continue on to Show Low.  At the Show Low stake center (about 3 hours away from mission office) missionaries from all the surrounding  areas come to pick up their new companion and to drop off the missionaries who are being transferred to the valley.  Also, all mail for the missionaries who serve in the mountains is delivered.  Then the van and truck head back to the valley.  Missionaries who are transferred to the valley are met at the mission office by Pres. & Sis. Robinson and their new companion and then head off to their new area.  The whole day takes about 7 hours to complete.