Nov./Dec. 2018 Zone Conferences

We had another wonderful 4 days of Zone Conferences in the Valley and in the Mountains.  Our zone conferences are places of inspiration, learning and renewed commitments and desire to be better instruments in the Lord’s hands.  We love these missionaries and their determination to share the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone.  We had trainings on Finding with Efficiency, Inspiring and Motivating Member Missionary Work, and Effectively Teaching the Doctrine of Christ and How to Ask Inspired Questions.  At the conclusion of each day, the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders took their zones and discussed principles of Becoming Effective Instruments.  At each zone conference, our car and bike coordinators, Elder & Sis. Kenney trained on car and bike safety.  They did this by playing a game and it was both instructive and fun.  We also had our Area Medical Adviser, Elder & Sis. Schmitt come and do a training on Understanding Stress.  He is a retired doctor from Utah who is serving a mission as our area medical doctor.  He oversees 11 missions from the North America Southwest Area.  They did a tremendous job helping us to see the effects of stress and what to do to prevent stress from getting out of control.  We also, were fed very well at each conference.  Various stake RS presidencies take turn feeding us at zone conferences.  The meals are always delicious.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful RS sisters who are not only willing but excited to come and spend some time with missionaries and feed us at the same time.