July 9, 2018 New Missionaries Arrive

On Monday, July 9, we received 17 new missionaries.  We had a very unusual day that day.  As some of you may know, this part of Arizona will get seasonal  dust storms, sometimes called haboobs.  We got one on Monday at the time the airplane from SLC and the airplane from Mexico (carrying two missionaries who were in the Mexico MTC) were suppose to land at the Phoenix airport.  Winds were 60-70 mph and going up as high as a mile in the sky.  Consequently, the planes could not land at the scheduled time of 4:30pm.  The Utah plane was diverted to Las Vegas.  The Mexico plane was diverted to San Diego.  There, each plane sat on the tarmac until they were given permission to come back to Phoenix and land at the airport.  At first, we were told that the planes would be delayed for one hour.  But that kept changing.  The plane from SLC was finally able to leave Las Vegas and landed at the Phoenix airport at 8:10pm.  By the time they exited the plane and we helped them get their luggage, it was close to 9pm.  We got them to the Mission Home where Sis. Robinson had lasagna, bread, huge green salad, green beans, and pie and ice cream waiting for them.  They were famished and ate everything!  This plane carried 12 of our 17 missionaries coming on this day.  3 missionaries, who are visa waiters going to the Philippines, had arrived earlier in the afternoon on another plane before the Haboob hit.   The plane from Mexico kept pushing their delay farther out.  That plane ended up coming in at midnight carrying the remaining two missionaries to join our mission.  President and Sis. Robinson did not get much sleep that night.  We were able to get ALL missionaries situated in their sleeping quarters.  After all were accounted for, Pres. & Sis. Robinson were able to sleep for a couple of hours.  Even though these missionaries were tired and hungry when they got off the plane, their enthusiasm for being here to do the Lord’s work was contagious.  Its this energy and enthusiasm that keeps Pres. & Sis. Robinson going.  We love these young valiant servants of the Lord.  Remember to click on each picture to see a larger size.

The following day, after a huge breakfast which Sis. Robinson provided, we had orientation meetings, training meetings and the new missionaries meeting their first companion/trainer in the field.  After that lunch was provided by our wonderful senior missionary couples serving in our mission.  Enjoy the pictures!