5-28-18 New Missionaries Arrive

We received 11 new missionaries today.  Five are actually going to the Philippines and will be with us until their visa approvals are completed.  The first group picture is of the missionaries who have been called to the AZ Scottsdale Mission.  We are excited to begin working with these great missionaries.  Missionaries are now coming into the Phoenix Airport about 4pm.   Once we helped them collect their luggage we left the airport and  brought them to the mission home.  We helped them get situated, get a cold water bottle and then head out to do come street contacting with some veteran missionaries.  After about an hour of having their real live street contacting experience they came back to the Mission Home where Sis. Robinson had prepared taco salad, fruit and pie for dessert.  Then the new missionaries had a devotional with Pres. and Sis. Robinson.  We read scriptures, discussed what a missionary’s purpose is and talked about what makes a successful missionary.  Then they watched a slide presentation of the Robinson’s family to get to know them better and also were shown a power point about the Scottsdale mission and the various areas they might serve in.  We were pleased that each new missionary contributed their thoughts and shared their testimony.  We love them already.DSC_0599

This group picture is of the 5 visa waiters who will eventually go to the Philippines once their visa’s are approved.  This is our third time having visa waiters come to our mission.  We will enjoy whatever time we have to serve with these fine missionaries until they have to go.



One group picture with all the missionaries who arrived today.


After a nights rest, the missionaries woke at 6:30am for a little exercise, then dressed for the day and then had breakfast at the Mission Home provided by Sis. Robinson.  They loved her famous scrambled eggs with cream cheese, cheddar and jack cheese, feta cheese and cottage cheese all mixed in.  Also, they had choices of yogurt, cereal, sausage, fruit and muffins if eggs are not their favorite.  All were well fed.  Then we went to the meetinghouse next door for orientation and to learn who their first companion/trainer would be.  After all the driver training and meetings we had lunch together and began to get know each other and their new companion better.  By 3pm everyone was off with their companion to their new area.  They will be great for sure!! (Remember to click each picture to make it bigger)