March 2018 Zone Conferences

Towards the end of March we will held our zone conferences throughout the valley and up in the mountains.  President Robinson continued his training on the “Power of the Word in Us”.  Sis. Robinson trained on The Role of Members in Conversion.  The assistants trained on Safeguards Using Technology.  After lunch the Zone Leaders and Sister Training leaders trained in their individual zones on Talking to Everyone.  As usual, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at each zone conference prepared by the various Stake RS sisters.  We are very spoiled in this mission when it comes to being fed.  We always try to end our lunch with singing to the sisters who have come and prepared such wonderful food.  They also decorate the tables which seems to make the food taste even better.  In one of the pictures below is Elder Crockett.  He has become one of our finance secretaries.  He lives at home in Scottsdale and serves as his stake’s Patriarch.  We are fortunate to have him. He came to two of our zone conferences and gave a presentation on Patriarchal Blessings.  He allowed for questions afterward and the missionaries learned much about patriarchal blessings. At another zone conference we had a recent convert of about a year and a half, Andy, come and share his conversion story.  He is an outstanding young man and has an incredible story that began when he was in the fourth grade.  He attended a birthday party of a classmate and at the party another classmate who is LDS began to teach him about Heavenly Father.  Andy said he felt something overpowering come over him when this young friend talked about Heavenly Father.  Fast forward many years later, he had a business trip in which he would meet and later develop a friendship with a man who was LDS.  That led to being taught by the missionaries.  When Andy excepted baptism he tracked down his old friend from the 4th grade and asked him to come and baptize him.  The friend flew from his home on the east coast to baptize Andy May of 2016.  Andy is currently serving as the YM’s secretary and they all love him in that ward.  Andy is pictured in the Phoenix zone conference picture.


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