Refugee Investigators

On a warm Sunday evening  the missionaries taught over 50 African refugees.  Elders Gibbons and Castro had contacted a man from Africa in one of the apartment complexes they were visiting.  He was very interested in the elders message and wanted them to come back when he could gather a large group of his friends to hear their message.  The elders brought a projector, a screen and several Book of Mormons to the meeting and showed the Restoration video as well as some mormon messages.  The whole zone of missionaries came out to help.  We have one missionary, Elder Kirokiro who can speak a little Swahili but understands quite a bit.  That helped since most of the adults could not speak much English.  But the children understood quite a bit.  We do not know where this might go, but its interesting how we never know where and when we might come across individuals who want to know more about the meaning of life and where we are going after death.  Even if they are refugees from Africa.  We currently trying to find someone in the area who knows Swahili so the missionaries can converse easier with these wonderful people.

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