Jan. 22, 2018 New Missionaries

We received 10 new missionaries on Monday, Jan. 22, 2018.  Two of these missionaries are actually visa waiters and will eventually go to two different missions in Mexico.  We are excited to have all 10 for now.  Four sisters and six elders.  Our new missionaries come in around 5:15-6pm on Monday evenings now.  After getting all the luggage we take them back to the church bldg next door where we feed them a hot meal.  Then President and Sis. Robinson introduce the new missionaries to them and through a power point presentation introduce them to the mission.  We also encourage them to ask any questions they can think of too.  They are usually excited to finally get out in the field but are exhausted too.  Sometimes we get missionaries from the Mexico MTC.  That was the case for Sis. Childs.  She was up at 3 am in the morning to get ready to make her journey to AZ Scottsdale mission.  The sisters slept at the mission home and the elders slept at an apartment we keep that can sleep 8 across the street.  The next morning we start with a huge breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, grapes, bananas, OJ, chocolate milk, reg. milk and yogurt.  Then we begin the orientation process with the office staff, vehicle and bike safety instructions and driving and training by the assistants and the sister training leaders.  During this time they are also being individually interviewed by Pres. Robinson.  Then just before lunch, President Robinson announces who will be the trainer for each new missionary.  Lots of hugs and excitement at this point.  After they meet their new companion its off to lunch.  Lots of pizza, salad, oranges, carrots and homemade brownies (Sis. Robinson’s speciality).  Lastly, each new missionary goes on a road driving test with Elder & Sis. Kenney our CSM vehicle and bike coordinators.  By 4pm they are off to their assigned areas!



Elder Welsch


Elder Bingham


Elder Beus


Elder Tehuitzil (visa waiter)


Elder Lott


Sis. Galicia


Sis. Thompson


Sis. Childs


Sis. Kebker


Elder Peterson (visa waiter)

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