ALS Missionaries Move

Elder Pendleton and Elder Vagen have been serving as our ASL missionaries serving the ASL branch for the past year.  Up until Feb 3, 2018, the ASL branch was in the Phoenix East Stake which is part of the Scottsdale Mission.  But the location of the building they were meeting in was about 45 min. away from most of the members of the ASL branch.  For the past year, they have been working on finding another church bldg to meet in that would be closer to the majority of ASL branch members.  There was an opportunity for the branch to move to a church bldg in the Phoenix North Stake which is much closer for the members to come to.  The Phoenix North Stake is in the Phoenix Mission boundaries.  On Feb. 3, the ASL branch officially moved over to the Phoenix North Stake taking Elder Pendleton and Elder Vagen with them to continue to serve the ASL branch.  We know the branch and the ASL work needs these two outstanding missionaries to keep serving them, but we are pretty heartbroken about losing them.  We will keep in contact with them and will consider them part of the AZ Scottsdale Mission family for the rest of our lives.  The Phoenix Mission is getting some of the most dedicated, hard working and obedient missionaries ever.


1 thought on “ALS Missionaries Move

  1. Elder Pendleton has absolutely loved serving in your mission! His letters home have been delightfully filled with wonderful experiences with companions, leaders, investigators, and an inspired Mission President….all new friends in the gospel family. Thank you all for your service and friendship to our son!. May God bless you in your continued service.

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