“Trailers” 9-14-17 & 9-15-17

Part of Elder Wilson’s counsel on using the Book of Mormon more effectively in missionary work, was to encourage the missionaries to give ‘trailers’ of what is coming up next in reading the Book of Mormon with our investigators.  This way, it gives our investigators something to look forward to in reading the Book of Mormon.  So Elder Wilson divided up the missionaries in groups of about 10 and gave them time to come up with a trailer for 1Ne. 1-3.  Then he had 3-4 groups perform them for all of us.  The groups who did not perform this day were assigned to perform their trailer at district meetings.  It was really fun to see what the various groups came up with including props they found around the building in creating their trailer.  All had a good time and it was wonderful to see how the Book of Mormon can come alive with limited costumes and props! Are you able to tell who was Lehi, Nephi, Sam, Laman, Lemuel, Laban, Sariah, etc?DSC_1029

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