June Departing Missionaries

During the month of June we had several different departing dates for missionaries completing their missions.  We will miss these outstanding missionaries very much but will continue to follow their lives as they return home and get on with life.

This is Elder Flake.  He served as the President’s assistant when we first arrived in the Scottsdale Mission.  We can not thank him enough for his patient and loving help as we learned the ropes of presiding over a mission.


The next picture is Elder Carlson.  He battled some health challenges (gall bladder removal) but was a trooper of a missionary.

E Carlson

Sis. Davocol was our very first missionary we picked up at the airport on our third day her in Scottsdale.  She came all the way from the Philippines.  She had served 6 mos over there as she waited for her visa to come through.  She is tiny but has a giant testimony and spirit.


These five elders came out together and return together.  Sis. Davidson served as one of our office secretaries for the past year.  We will miss these fine missionaries and their incredible faith and devotion serving as a Scottsdale missionary.  From left to right, Elder Whitehouse, E. Kipping, E. Wayment, E. Damiani, E. Bonilla, Sis. Davidson.

Best Departing Missionries

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