Mountain Zone Conference 3-16-17

As mentioned before, we hold zone conferences every 6 weeks.  We have 8 zones in the Arizona Scottsdale mission.  There are five ‘Valley’ zones which consist of Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Mesa and Payson.  The three zones located up in the mountains consist of Show Low, Snowflake, Taylor, St. Johns, Pinetop/Lakeside and Eager.  The valley zone conference pictures were posted previously.  Here is the picture of the combined mountain zones at Zone Conference held two weeks ago.   The subsequent pictures show what these zone conferences look like.  The zone conferences are presided over by President Robinson.  We all gather “prepared to learn”, and then we “interact to edify”, concluding with “invitations to act”.  Zone and sister training leaders, assistants, and Pres. & Sis. Robinson lead various discussions on topics related to fulfilling our missionary purpose.  We seek to learn by asking inspired questions and then practice to improve our skills through role play and small group discussions.  We conclude each zone conference with a few testimonies followed by a delicious meal prepared by stake R.S. sisters.  We are so grateful for these R.S. sisters to take time out of their busy days to feed our missionaries.  They are wonderful and spoil these missionaries.  We in turn always show our appreciation by singing to them.

Snowflake, Show Low, & White Mountain zones

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