Elder Oaks!

On Jan. 21, 2017 we were privileged to have Elder Oaks visit our mission.  Elder Wickman, emeritus general authority seventy, accompanied Elder Oaks visit.  Elder Oaks had been invited to speak at a Freedom of Religious forum being held that evening in Tempe.  A week before he was scheduled to arrive, he noticed that he would have a few hours after arriving in AZ in which he decided he would spend with missionaries.  Our mission was the one he chose to visit and we were thrilled.  Below is the picture of ALL missionaries who are currently serving in the AZ Scottsdale mission with Elder Oaks seated right in the middle.   After the picture, each missionary was able to file past Elder Oaks where they were able to shake his hand.  We convened in the chapel where first Sis. Robinson spoke, then Pres. Robinson, then the entire group of missionaries stood and sung “How Firm a Foundation” with Sis. Robinson leading them and Elder Morgan on the organ.  The missionaries sang with gusto and power and Elder Oaks was very impressed and touched by their singing.  Then Elder Oaks spoke the remaining 1 1/2 hours, taking questions at the end.  We felt so grateful to be in his presence and hear his counsel to us.  Elder Oaks has a wonderful sense of humor and was very relaxed and comfortable with us.  He told the missionaries that he could feel of their powerful testimonies and feel of their genuine love for missionary work as he looked into their eyes.  We all left edified and uplifted to go forth and do our best to invite others to Christ.



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