Missionary Miracles – Sisters Johnson and Devlin

[Shared with Permission]

And the biggest miracle this week!!! Prime-Time + Formers!

Rod was a former investigator. He used to go to church with his wife for 20 years! When they got divorced he stopped going. Sister Devlin contacted him on an exchange during Prime-time and he agreed to an appointment.

When we went by Saturday night he was waiting for us, we didn’t even knock. He let us and our member in and we started talking about his life and experience with the church. We asked if he had ever been invited to be baptized and he said “no”! Then he thought about it and said he had taken the lessons once or twice and probably told the missionaries no before.

Then, without invitation!, he said he’d like to take the lessons and become a member!!!! So we set a date and he put it on his calendar. He circled July 2nd and wrote “Baptized”! Our member was flabbergasted and asked us later what had happened. We also invited him to church and the next morning he was there 10 minutes early for the 9 o’clock ward.

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