Missionary Miracles – Sisters Johannessen and suter

[Shared with permission]

We have also started working with Rhonda again. We found her about a month ago and taught her the first two lessons. She wanted to do some studying and thinking on her own. We respected that and dropped her. She really wanted to find out if this was the right path for her. She also had some concerns with what her family and friends would think of her if she joined the church.

We saw her maybe a week after that and talked to her for a little bit. She asked about scouts and the other programs that we have for her kids. We talked to her about it and she was very interested in getting her kids involved. Her son went to Scouts and her daughter went to Activity Days and they both loved it! Then we invited her kids to come to church and they both said yes! So they came to church yesterday and loved it! Rhonda then told us that she wanted to go to church next week. We asked if she wanted to meet with us again and she agreed! I know that working through the children really does work and it softens hearts!

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