Missionary Miracles – Sisters Handa and Pendant

[Shared with permission]
Yesterday a miracle happened! We were calling our potentials that didn’t have an address…well we had called this guy, Tom, two times already. The first time he said to call him back during the week and schedule an appointment, we did but he didn’t pick up. Then we tried again a couple of weeks later and he said he was going through some family issues and to call him back in a couple of weeks, we did, no answer….

Well his name has been popping in my head this past week so he was one of the first ones we called. He picked up this time and after identifying ourselves he said: “I’m so glad you called, my girlfriend and my mom are receiving the missionaries and they are getting baptized and I want that too. I have seen good changes in them and I know this is going to be so good. I’m so happy that you called me and please come over Friday at 11:00 a.m.! Thank you so much for calling!” After getting his info (and finding out he is not in our area 😭) I was astonished! Right decisions and the right time brought this miracle! I know God listens to our prayers and guides us through the HG:)

Sister Handa 😀

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