Let Virtue Garnish Your Thoughts…[name withheld]

[Shared with Permission]

“On Saturday night, I could not sleep to save my life. I tossed and turned for awhile. So I got up and went into our living room and sat on our couch. Then I was pounded with an idea that came as clear as day. I was sitting in silence and all the sudden I hear, “The thoughts of a man are likened to a man who sowed wheat in his field…” A bit confused I decided to grab my notebook. Not my iPad, because it was well past 10:00 pm. Lol! I took notes on the things I heard and the next morning after church I organized what I wrote and found that I received a parable. Here it is…

The thoughts of a man are likened unto A man who soweth wheat in his field. And while he was sleeping his enemy placed tares among his wheat. And when the morrow came the tares were inseparable from the wheat. Thus the man was left with tares along with wheat until the day of the harvest. And when the day of the harvest came the man was left with the task of dividing the wheat from the tares. On that day of the harvest the man cleansed his wheat and burned his tares. So is a man with his thoughts. If he stay watchful, he shall be strong with the thoughts of his mind, but if he slacks he shall see the enemy of all mankind place troublesome things into his mind. And the process of removing said thoughts shall be as a day of harvest. A true task of removing piece by piece the thoughts of his enemy. Until finally after much affliction, he shall find cleanliness in his mind and shall find that his wheat will be precious indeed.”

Missionaries are often instructed by the Lord in his counsel “Let virtue garnish your thoughts unceasingly then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God….” Yet, it is so easy to rationalize that “I can stop lustful desires any time I want; I will sin now and pay later.” This parable is true – and how dear the payment is!

I love the Spirit for it teaches all things!


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