Departures 5.2.2016

DSC_0294 group (crop)

A Mission President’s day is never truly “done” and it’s been a busy time since our last departures what with Zone Conferences and two Mission Leadership Councils to plan and carry out in the past 30 days – but it’s time to celebrate last month’s departures!

We always miss our missionaries – and last month we said goodbye to 4 wonderful Hermanas and 2 Elders who have served the Lord with great diligence, and we also recognized the official end of Sister Bass'(our Mission Office Secretary)full time mission and the start of her Church Service Mission in the same role.

The day was typical Arizona – warm during the day with a light breeze and cool under the shade of the mission home patio where the 7 departing missionaries gathered to take the departure picture and dine.

Sister Sweeney prepared an excellent meal of cafe rio food served buffet style – and they all enjoyed sharing mission stories and talking of the reunions ahead. The meal was followed by Family Home Evening where the missionaries had a candid Q&A session with President and Sister Sweeney (assisted by Sister Bass and Brother and Sister Brose – parents of Elder Brose who was departing) acting as the “experts”. The testimonies of the departing missionaries were powerful and reflected the many things they had learned during their time as ASM missionaries.

We love them all!

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