Missionary Miracles – Sisters Peterson and Pinto-Haynes


We went to visit one of the families with unbaptized kids – we’d set up a lesson with them, but it ended up falling through. The cool part, is that someone else was at the house. We got out the car, and she just looked at us, and said “I knew you would come.”

She had grown up in the church, but fell away several years ago. She told us she still had a testimony, and that she wants to come back – she just needs a ride to church. Interestingly enough, she’d had a miracle baby. She knew, once she found out she was pregnant, that she needed to raise her son in the church, but things had gotten in the way, and she didn’t feel like she’d taught him the way she’d like to.

We came on her son’s 8th birthday. It meant the world to her that we’d come to help her teach her son the gospel. She acted as though we knew that had happened. We didn’t know they even existed. But God knew, and He knew they were ready. We’re meeting with her and her son tonight. God really does put prepared people in our path!”

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