Missionary Stories -Elder Grimes & Ashcroft

src=”https://scottsdalemission.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/dsc_0314-e-grimes.jpg” alt=”DSC_0314 E Grimes” width=”4000″ height=”6016″ /> Elder Grimes[/caption]

[Shared with Permission]

This last week was pretty crazy with tons of service. It’s amazing to see the change that comes over others when you serve them not expecting to get anything in return. Elder Ashcroft and I helped out a non member lady move so heavy new furniture she had gotten into her home from her trailer.

It only took us 15 minutes and though we told her that we didn’t want anything, she insisted that she give us $40 for our help. She tried handing me a check which I told her I would not accept, when the member neighbor took the check from her and ripped it up saying “Leann, I told you that we would not accept anything. We are doing this because we love you.” This non member lady then started to tear up and gave each of us a hug with a big thank you. We invited her to come to a ward activity that night to which she came and, from what we can tell, really enjoyed herself.

We haven’t heard anything else about her and I am not sure that we will have the opportunity to teach her, but I know that we made a big impact on her thoughts of who missionaries are and I think that maybe somewhere down the road she may be interested in learning a little more about what we believe.

I love the opportunities I have to serve.

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