Mothers Day Missionary Miracles – Elders Rich and Bott

So we were welcomed into this small apartment where I meet a good size family. There were five kids, one friend, and a single mom. From the moment we walked in and continued in our lesson on prayer there were signs of contention in the family. The mom was stressed. The children were disrespectful to her and each other. The mom reined them in pretty good to participate, but it was a chore. To myself I was a little shocked of this, because it was Mother’s Day. This is supposed to be a special day for mom.

After we taught about prayers to Father in Heaven, I changed the lesson so we could address the contention in the home. I proposed that we compliment each other. We were clear that we were not looking for compliments of appearance, but of personality and what they liked about the person. Even with my explanation, they were having trouble knowing what to do. So I demonstrated with my companion Elder Bott. This encouraged them to follow suit. We continued this despite some hick-ups of snide comments. It wasn’t anything profound – like opening up their hearts to each other, but it was a baby step in the right direction. I invited the mother to step in the middle of the circle so all the children could say what they love about her. Baby steps.

Experiences like these are most rewarding to us. We go in and find the Spirit lacking. We bring the people to God’s light and then Satan is a loser. We left the small overcrowded apartment in better shape than when we found it. We know Christ has a better standing in their home. If they continue in charity towards one another, they can continue to keep the Holy Spirit that we left.

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