Jailhouse Missionary Miracles – Sisters Pazmino & Ruggles

We had a great week! We have seen so many miracles! We had 11 member present lessons, 23 total lessons, and we found so many new investigators!! We also went to jail!

This is usually not a good thing to do, but it was so great! So we got a prompting that we had to go to the jail here in Whiteriver to find people there… partially an inspiration from Janet, a convert who read the entire Book of Mormon in 6 days while she was in jail and shortly after was baptized.

We got the prompting to go on Saturday, so we went… not exactly sure of where jail was. We knew the whereabouts, but not the exact location. We got to where we had to make the decision of whether we should go left or right, so we decided to pray. There was a sure prompting that we should go right, so we went right. As we went down the road we saw a building in the distance; we knew it was jail, so we headed to it.

When we got there we found a less active member we recently started visiting, Sister Bread. She was going in to visit her granddaughter. When we were asked by the guards who we were there to visit, we said that we were there to visit whoever is interested in hearing a message about Jesus Christ, but they continued to ask for a name. We asked Sister Bread if we could visit her granddaughter with her, so we were able to give a name to go in. They also announced that we were there so 2 inmates came out and we shared a lesson with them.

By the end of the lesson the jail guard came to escort the 2 inmates from the visitation room. We were about to leave when the jail guard said, “the word got around that you are here, many want to see you. Can you stay until 4pm?” It was about noon and we had other appointments, so we told him we had to come back. But asked him if we could leave a Book of Mormon with the 2 inmates we just met to which he answered, “I already have a box full for them to grab.” He went on to explain that he is a member in Cibecue, a nearby village. He also mentioned that we can come back to teach a group at a time due to the interest in us teaching them! It was awesome to see how Heavenly Father not only guided, but also facilitated our every step!!!

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