Missionary Miracles – Sisters Peterson and Pinto-Haynes

DSCN0633 S Peterson

Sister Peterson

DSC_0024 S Pinto-Haynes

Sister Pinto-Haynes

[Shared with permission]

“And the miracles don’t stop there! We went to see Vanessa and Aidan (her 8 year old son) a few days later, and taught them about the promises we make when we get baptized. Vanessa needs to get married, and every time we’d try to commit her to a date, she’d say she wasn’t ready yet, that she still needed to get her answer. We went through the baptism interview questions with them both, and asked them to prepare together to be baptized on April 23. Aidan was more than happy to agree, and then Vanessa started nodding her head.

Her (future) mother-in-law said “That means you have to get married before April 23.” Vanessa nodded. She’s going to get married! And baptized! In two weeks!! That made us pretty happy. She’s going to talk to her fiance about it, and then they’ll talk to bishop about marrying them.

And that kept happening! There’s another lady we started teaching last week who has agreed to prepare for May 21. She also will need to get married. Another man agreed to talk with his fiancee about getting married so he can be baptized on May 28. Three weddings, and three baptisms! I guess the “big” obstacles really aren’t as big as we sometimes make them. WHEN PEOPLE FEEL THE SPIRIT THEY WANT TO CHANGE AND THEY’RE WILLING TO TAKE BIG STEPS TO GET THERE (emphasis added). (Sister Peterson on the Pima Rez)

Mission President’s Observation: Sister Peterson’s testimony is true! When you live worthy to have the Spirit – when you fill the measure of your missionary call, the Spirit WILL testify to those you work with that your invitations are from God -and they will want to change!

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