Missionary Miracles – Elders Ebisch and Herrera

Ebisch single

Elder Ebisch


Elder Herrera

I have to tell you a miracle that took place in the last two weeks. Two weeks ago one Elder gave me a German Bokk of Mormon. I laughed at him and said: “how can I ever use this in Heber?”

But last week one of our members told me: “I was filling up a propane tank for somebody that just moved to Heber and I asked him where he’s from and he said Germany, so I told him that we have an Elder that is from Germany and that he would like to meet him.” I couldn’t believe it-a German in Heber?!

When we were doing service at the Senior that same week. Someone came into the entrance and for some reason I knew that this was the German man. He didn’t speak, he didn’t introduced himself. I just walked up to him and I spoke to him in German. And he looks at me (what was a little awkward for me because than I thought he is not the German guy they told me about). In my mind I already formed sentences in English so I could pretend that he didn’t understand me….😂

After this little moment of awkward silence he began to speak…. IN GERMAN! It was him. He was so happy to meet somebody that was from Germany. His wife who is very nice listened to us while we were speaking German. I introduced them to my companion and invited them to sit at our table. He told us that he is building a house here in Overgaard and that they are staying in a trailer in the RV Trailer Park in Heber. After talking a little bit they gave us their number. And we didn’t even had to ask! We said that we want to tell them a little bit about the church and Jesus Christ and they responded ‘yes, of course, we would love to.’ This is not the typical response for a German. This just cannot be a coincidence, President. You know president, I was praying for investigators for a pretty long time and now it happened.

We visited their home and we had a really good conversation. We stated our purpose and they are excited to hear the lessons. We will go with a member couple (he is our Elders Quorum President and his wife is from Japan) to their home and teach them the Restoration. This is a miracle! What we will do is that he will get the Book of Mormon in German and she gets one in English and we will let members (the couple) write their personal testimony in the book because personal connections with the members are so important for new investigators.

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