Missionary Miracles – 3.30.2016

DSC_0040 S Gulley crop

Sister Gulley

This week I really saw the effects that “talking to everyone” can have. I’ve been working on talking to everyone no matter what. So we were going to see a less active family, but they weren’t home. So we looked around and their neighbor was sitting in her driveway with some papers. We walked over and invited her to the Easter Pageant and then I noticed what she was going through. It was old documents and letters from her ancestors. It turns out that she had just been cleaning out her garage and she found all these pictures, birth certificates, death certificates, letters, etc. There was even a letter from right after world war 2 that said, “I am a witness of the signing of the peace treaty.” AMAZING! She definitely teared up when we read that. And then she said, “Wow I was just thinking of how weird it was for me to be out on my driveway looking at this and then you two came along.” It was a miracle! We set her up with the family history consultant in our ward and we are planning on going back to help her. Oh also she has a sister-in-law that is LDS and has done a lot of their work. It was so precious to be a part of finding all of these things. But imagine if we hadn’t gone to talk to her! We would have never had the amazing experience we did. This was a very humbling experience for me. [Sister Gulley]

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