Missionary Stories

Camelback Hike Inv

Julio, Elder Baumer & Elder Flake

The miracles cease to cease. They come relentlessly! Even on Preparation days! We recently hiked camelback on Preparation Day. We were just talking to people while we hiked, when we came across a young man by the name of Julio. We hiked and talked all the way to the top of the hill. When we got to the top, he told us that he had needed us. He said that right before we came around the corner, he had been praying to God for some help, and someone to talk to. Immediately after, not even thirty seconds later we said hello! We had a nice little talk about the plan of salvation and a prayer at the top. We will be in contact with him. It is amazing the miracles that come our way, when we just do what He has already asked us to do. Stake conference was inspired and needed. I learned so much! {Elder Flake]

Hermana Ferre

Hermana Ferre

DSC_1043 SDoxey yd

Sister Welch

Something really cool happened this week. Sister Doxey and I went contacting at the Indian School Steele park. (background story, this has been a dream of mine the whole mission) we saw this kid playing basketball and we went up to him and started talking to him about basketball then we got into a little game of horse and i told him if he lost he would get to take the lessons from the missionaries. half way through the game he just says, i will take the lessons whether I win or lose. So we have a lesson with him this week 🙂 so excited. [Sister Ferre & Sister Doxey]

S Ballew

Sister Ballew

DSC_0299 S Smith

Sister Smith

[Last Week]

We are working reeeeally hard with Tim and Michele. Turns out, despiteTims health challenges the doctors cleared him to work and so they are heading out in a little over a week to Casper, Wyoming. But Michele wants to be baptized in Arizona and she wants to do it before they leave. The only setback is, they aren’t married. We are praying and fasting that Tim softens his heart and agrees to go make it official. Michele is an elect spirit. No doubt in my mind. The church NEEDS her love, care, and compassion for others. She is by far one of the most prepared people I have ever had the privilege of teaching. She reads and prays everyday without fail and takes diligent notes and has unwavering faith. I am just so impressed by her love for the gospel and dedication and desire to live it. She says she loves church and wants to serve, but she feels terrible about coming to partake of the sacrament, and repenting for her sins and then coming home just to live in sin. It will be an absolute miracle if it this baptism happens but I have complete faith that it will. But I know that it will only be by Gods hand-we are gonna need some heavenly intervention.

[This Week]

Tim seemed pretty dead set on not getting married before they left because “he had too much he had to do before they left town and it just didn’t fit the schedule.” Sister Smith and I both knew without a doubt it was going to happen and Michele was going to get baptized, we had that confirmation from the spirit, but it’s just one of those things of….how? And when??? So we started to get stressed. But we said we were going to come by everyday to help Michele finish her lessons.

It wasn’t until Tuesday when I was on exchanges with Sister Grow that the most incredible thing happened. I literally have never felt a spirit so strong and have never testified so boldly in my life. But I had tears in my eyes as I told Tim and Michele that they were elect spirits, at this time in this place for a specific reason and the Lord NEEDS them. I promised him, as a representative of Jesus Christ, that if he were to put the Lord first in this, to get married so Michele could be baptized, they would get everything done that was needed and have time to spare. Honestly, I have no idea where that came from. Well actually I do, but it wasn’t me. Not even close. Tim’s countenance was completely different after leaving that lesson, his heart had been softened which allowed the spirit to touch him. PRAYERS DO NOT GO UNANSWERED! He called us about an hour after we left and said, “Can you give me Bishop Phelps’ number? I’m gonna ask him if he’ll marry Michele and I. Oh, and you’re both invited to the wedding, Thursday at 7:30.” I am so amazed at how the Lord brought this to pass, it has built my faith soo much, and I KNOW it has strengthened Michele. She was SO happy.

Sooo Michele had her baptismal interview Wednesday, her wedding Thursday, her baptism Saturday, her confirmation Sunday, and then headed out to Casper, Wyoming early this morning. It was a tearful goodbye, or a tearful “see you later” as Tim phrased it.
Her baptism was one of the best I’ve been to, honestly. Michele’s mother passed away 2 years ago and was her absolute best friend, and she feels like she owes her spiritual transformation to her mom. Throughout Michele’s investigation of the church, she prayed diligently and she always talked to her mom after talking to her Heavenly Father. She said she received her answer because she felt her mom’s approval and push to move forward. So her mom has been a big influence for good in Tim and Michele’s journey. Sister Smith and I sang “How Great Thou Art” and I played the uke, which was Michele’s mom’s favorite song. Little did Michele know, others in her family have started investigating the church as well. She called her brother Joey last week to tell him she was getting baptized into the Mormon church and he told her that his family has started attending that church as well. What a crazy miracle.  [Sister Ballew & Sister Smith]


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