Missionary Miracles – Sisters Handa and Vautier

Sister Handa

Sister Handa

Sister Pendant

Sister Vautier

[Shared with permission]

“So this week we had what I can call a miracle. There was this less active member for more than 35 years that is now a greek orthodox that the relief society was trying to contact but no luck. We got her name and the very same day since we didnt have any set appointments we decided to visit her. It really was the struggle to find her apartment, but after literally saying a quick prayer in my heart as in please Heavenly Father help us find this apartment, we found it like 1 minute after that. we were told that this sister is never home but she was there this night!!!  That was like the first confirmation that we needed to be there.

She began telling us her story on how she became a member and why she left the church and her main reason was because after her husband (who baptized her and introduced her to the church) left her and she became a single mom without any family, no one from the Relief Society of the ward helped her in any way. She was literally by herself and whenever the missionaries stopped by she asked them for help and they told her that they will find a way to help her out but after that they never showed up again. She was really hurt by the fact that no one from the church showed any kind of concern for her and she looked for it somewhere else and she found it in another church (of course).  Anyways as she was telling us her story I was feeling the strong prompting to apologize to her for every single member of the church that hurt her (including her in-laws who didn’t care about her at all) but I just felt kind of weird by telling her that because I don’t really know if they are sorry or not.

Anyways again I said a quick prayer and just asked Heavenly Father what I should tell her and again the thought came to my mind. I was like, ok I am just going to say it and if she reacts negatively we will just run away, so I just literally told her what first came to my mind (of course the Spirit): “Sister I am so sorry I truly apologize for everyone that hurt you in some way, for every member of the church that damaged you and I am so sorry that you had to go through these experiences by yourself but please know that us, as your sister missionaries, will do our very best to help you in any way that you need, God is with you and I know that he has sent us here today to bring you comfort and peace.”

She just started crying and crying and she finally said, thanks! I have been waiting for someone to apologize to me for so long, I have prayed that some day this would happen and it has finally happened. The Spirit literally filled the room! it was amazing! I know that Heavenly Father sent us there, i know that by following the promptings of the Spirit even if it makes us uncomfortable, we can truly become other people’s answers to their prayers. She was telling us about her new beliefs and it was getting kind of late so I just asked her what she remembered from the church and she told us “not much” …we asked her if she was willing to relearn what she was taught before and promised her that she will feel the way she felt before when she went to church (she loved relief society and for a time wanted to be a missionary). She said yes!! I could see in her eyes the overwhelming joy she was feeling as we were talking to her through the spirit. And we are going to reteach her everything and our goal with her is to get her to the temple:) I love her so much! So I learned to follow the promptings of the spirit even if they make us uncomfortable because we are sent here to get out of our comfort zone and if we don’t then truth is the work would now progress.”

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