Missionary Miracles – Elders Harber and Ebisch

Elder Ebisch in Heber

Elder Ebisch with Pres. and Sis. Sweeney

Radio Show

Elder Clark & Elder Harber

The missionaries in the MTC are often taught “obedience brings blessings; exact obedience brings miracles!”  By that definition, Elder Harber and Elder Ebisch MUST be exactly obedient!  You decide!

[Shared with Permission]

“Last thing I want to tell you about is this… WE GOT A FAMILY. Let me tell you about the Lowry family. They live across the street from us in our trailer park. There is Joe (dad), Lisa (mom), Christian (14), Gavin (10), and Maggie (around 3). Well, one of our Less Active members has been super nice to them and befriended them since they moved in. He then invited them to church and they’ve come all but 1 Sunday this year. Anyways, we went to visit them and asked if we could start teaching them, which they happily accepted. So, we went over on Friday and hit them with the Restoration and they loved it. They ate it up! We committed them all to be baptized on March 5th and they happily accepted! One of the best parts was that we took our less active, Richard, who invited them to church in the first place, to the lesson with us and he bore a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. My oh my was it sweet to see everyone being uplifted and edified at the same time. I think my favorite part of the lesson was when Brother Lowry prayed at the end. It was probably one of the most sincere prayers I’ve ever heard an investigator give. It was such a tender moment to hear the father pray and give thanks for us bringing the gospel. Beautiful.


Now, if you think it can’t get any better, you’re wrong. During our weekly planning session, which took place right after we left the Lowry’s house, we were trying to figure out what would be best for the Lowry’s in the upcoming week. Of course, we needed to identify them some fellowshippers. We identified the Laron Porter family (who lives right behind them) because he is the YM president. We figured it would be a good match for them. Then, we realized that they had children that were the same age as Christian and Gavin. Inspired. Sunday rolls around, Brother Laron Porter fills in as the Gospel Principles teacher for his dad, and teaches a great lesson to the class (the Lowry’s were there). Inspired. Church ends, we don’t catch the second half of the class cause we go to the next ward, and Brother Porter comes back for choir practice. We ask him about the lesson and how it went, he said it was really good and then he said, “You know, we ought to get you and your companion and the Lowry’s in our home for dinner and a discussion. When is your next lesson with them?” (Inspired) and I told him Tuesday at 5. Okay President, I have NEVER, over the course of my whole mission, set a lesson at 5. Dinner is always at 5! But, the Lowry’s suggested that time and I rolled with it, knowing I could change dinner. Inspired. So he says, “Oh perfect! I’ll talk to my wife. Monday’s are really bad for us and Wednesday’s are too, but Tuesday’s work perfect.” Inspired. Literally 5 minutes after we left he called and said, “My wife and I are going over there tonight to invite them to dinner. See you guys Tuesday at 5.” INSPIRED. Holy cow President, God is real and God is good!! How amazing is that?! All that we did was identify someone we thought would be good. We didn’t even ask them to fellowship them yet, they just did it. The Lord provided, as he always does. It has been such a miracle and such a blessing to see the Lord blessing us in our area.”  (Elders Harber and Ebisch)



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