To Every Nation, Kindred and Tongue….

The work in the ASM that goes on with the French-speaking Africans is fascinating to watch.  Because it involves the agency of others, it grows much slower than one might wish.  The work grows like a tiny seedling.  As the roots are tender, too many baptisms would overtake the roots and cause the plant to flounder or die.

So it is that in the Fall of 2015 Raphael, a father and grandfather of a large posterity – many of who live in Phoenix – was baptized.  From day 1, he has taught and testified to his family that this new path is the path for all of them.  It has not been easy for him to convince them.

But yesterday, Raphael’s wife, Marie Jeanne, was baptized.  Her conversion involved a choice that was literally threatened to split her family.  After her husband’s conversion, she continued to attend their traditional African church with the children.  Marie Jeanne felt this was not right, but which church to join she did not know.  Here is what happened per their full-time missionary French Sisters:

“Monday night we had a surprise with Raphael’s family; we discovered they had conflicts about which church to go because the father and the mother are going to 2 different churches. The mother who is on date was not acting like she is going to change her life and the kids were frustrated a lot because of that. We didn’t want anyone to have any pressure, and we asked the mother to pray about it. So she prayed and asked God which church to go and to send the missionaries for the church she should join to her door (the church she was attending also had missionaries teaching her) and the first to get there would be her sign that she should join that church.  She told us that the night after we invited her to pray, she had a dream where she saw us calling her by her name at her front door.  A few hours after she awoke in the morning, we had an impression to go visit her, so we did – unknowingly fulfilling the criteria she had set for which church to join.  Now she knows she needs to join this church. And for the first time, she came to church!!!! Raphael was SO happy, he bore his testimony about this miracle this fast Sunday!”

And so the Lord really is able to do his own work!  (2 N 27:21)  And, He is doing it His way!


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