Mission Home Clean!

Mr Clean

Cleaning supplies ready for distribution!

One of the ways missionaries change during their missions is something their mothers never saw before their mission – they begin to appreciate “clean.”  It’s in the missionary handbook that every day there should be some cleaning taking place.  Washing dishes.  Taking out the trash.  Spot cleaning the kitchen.  The deeper cleaning takes place on Preparation Day.

Preparation Day is supposed to involve a full apartment cleaning.  Vacuuming, floors, counters, bedrooms and that most dreaded of all places – bathrooms.

Except for the Church Senior Missionaries who serve as apartment inspectors (and do wonderful work, but aren’t able to get there more than once per transfer), Sister Sweeney sees the most missionary apartments.  And, it was her idea that things could get better in the real world.  Too often, arriving transferred missionaries would find lots of areas that had not been deep cleaned for months.  One of the reasons for not cleaning is simply a lack of cleaning supplies.  Missionary budgets are supposed to have funds for purchasing supplies, but when faced with a choice between food and cleaning supplies, all but the most dedicated cleaning missionaries will go with food.

Enter President Sweeney who proposed the mission buy the economical gallon size cleaner (about $7.50) which makes up 70 bottles of 32 oz spray cleaner compared to the ready to use at $3.50 per bottle.  It was easy to conclude that we could much more economically equip each of the 58 apartments with generic spray bottles and the gallon size cleaner and be way ahead.  The supplies were procured and now every apartment has the means to reach the standard – Mission Home Clean!




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