Missionary Wisdom – Sister Medrano


Sister Medrano

[Shared with permission]

“I had a cool healing miracle this week too. I felt terrible the other day. I was super nauseous and I had a super gross cough and a ginormous headache. I thought it was just something I ate and the weather change and would pass quickly.

Well, it didn’t. I finally asked the Elders for a blessing. Elder O’Brien anointed me with oil and said the prayer. Then the Elders gathered around me and Elder Finlayson placed his hands on my head and before he even said my name, before he said anything, I felt the nausea, the headache, and the scratchy throat leave. I had never experienced that before.

After the blessing I felt completely healthy. I wasn’t weak or tired. Before that experience, I knew what the priesthood  was [but since] I didn’t grow up with the priesthood so it was hard for me to understand it. Now I understand what it can do and why it’s important.    I kind of had the mindset that I didn’t need the priesthood around all the time but since I’ve been on my mission, I realize that the priesthood is so important to have around. If we didn’t have the restored priesthood, I’d probably still be sick!”

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