Missionary Miracles – Elders Damoth, Wayment and Watts

Elder Damoth

Elder Damoth

DSCN0636 E Wayment

Elder Wayment


Elder Watts

[Shared with Permission]

One family that I’d love to tell you about is the Dix (not their real name) family. When I started teaching the Dix’s with Elder Wayment about 2-1/2 months ago now, Brother Dix told us that he had no desire to go to church or be sealed to his family.  His wife is an absolute Saint who joined the church after marrying him. They’d been inactive for about 2 years prior to the last month, with only irregular attendance before that; Brother Davis is still a Prospective Elder in his early 30s.

And now the miracle.  They’ve been to church four times in a row, and Brother Dix is meeting with Bishop and is already almost through 2nd Nephi in his personal Book of Mormon reading. They have been a way cool family to work with. They’re in the XYZ ward, and it’s really cool because them beginning to come to church has really sparked a lot of trust in us from the members, and especially the Bishop and Elders Quorum President, because they have both been working really hard on them for awhile.

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