3 Days of Missionary Miracles – Sisters Fukushima and Christensen

DSC_0968 S Fukushima best

Sister Fukushima

Sister Christensen

Sister Christensen

[Shared with permission]

Friday: it was weekly planning and full of food!! We had a neat experience with Skyler. We taught him and his family about the law of tithing and it went great! The amazing thing was that when he showed up for the lesson he was in a shirt and tie with his scriptures in hand. We asked why he was all dressed up and he said he was going on splits with the elders!! MIRACLE! This is his second time going with them and he says that he just loves it and it is such a spiritual experience for him! That kid is really progressing! We can’t wait for the day that he will be able to go back to the temple and do baptisms for the dead. 🙂

Saturday: This was one crazy day! We had Tony and Sylvia’s baptism along with the endowments of a returning less active Charlie and a recent convert from when I was first in show low, Steve!! It was a spiritually filled day and it was hectic as well. Let’s just say Satan really didn’t want those baptism to happen. It was a 8:30am baptism and we didn’t know the font took 2.5 hours to fill. I just thought it was like the others and only took 1 hour. NOPE! So the water was low and both Sylvia and Tony are on the larger side. However we still got them down under. Sylvia took four times but we got her all the way under! Both Tony and Sylvia were in tears! It was powerful. It was a short baptism but those are the best kind. The endowment session was amazing as well! It was powerful to see someone that you worked with a year ago continue to stay strong in the church and go through the temple for his own endowments. His less active wife was able to get her life together so she could get her recommend again and go with him. They will soon be sealed together for time and all eternity! 🙂

Sunday: Miracle day! Persistence and prayer is key and it really works!! In this area we have been praying to find a family to teach as well as to know how to get put members more involved in Show Low 1st Ward and today we began to see results of it! We got a text right before church started from a member that said that they were bringing their neighbors to church for the Christmas program. We were really excited!!

We met the Bennett’s after church and they seemed to love it and they are such sweet people! That was a miracle alone right there that members were bringing there friends and neighbors to church with them. The next miracle was that later that day we got a text from the members saying that the Bennett’s wanted to come again next Sunday! We plan on inviting them to take the lessons then! Woohoo! We love miracles! When we pray the answers and things we are seeking don’t always come at once but, they do come as we show our faith and diligence in serving. We are excited to see how this goes.

We were able to end the evening with district caroling! That was a blast! We went to a lot of less actives and members that are confined to there homes. The most powerful was when we went to go see John, our less active in Sierra Pines Ward. We were not planning on it because his house was dark but we felt like we needed to, and boy am I glad that we did! He burst into tears when we went to sing to him. They were happy tears. As he was saying goodbye he could barely get the words out. Those are moments that I wish I could have just given him a big ole hug!! Haha it was a great evening.

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