Departures 12.14.2015



The Arizona Scottsdale Mission held a farewell dinner for 12 of its finest missionaries on Sunday, Dec. 13th.  This group has the distinction of being one that has provided great maturity and mission leadership for most of their missions (it took quite a bit of coaxing for them to appear relaxed in these photos!).

Since the weather was cool, we gathered indoors at the mission home for the dinner and testimony meeting.  The menu featured winter favorite – Cafe Rio Tortilla Soup – prepared by Elder and Sister Jex and Sister Sweeney, and seasonal favorite chocolate Texas sheet cake with peppermint sprinkles.

The testimonies of each of the departing missionaries – who returned home to locations spread from Virginia, Kansas and Ohio to Utah and California – was the highlight of the evening.  All centered around their growing testimony of the love of the Savior and His gift to them – and the world – of the atonement.  This is the most important knowledge a returned missionary brings home.

We are incredibly proud of them and their growth!

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