Elder Lynn G Robbins Visits

On Monday and Tuesday, December 7 and 8, Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Presidency of the Seventy visited the mission. He met with all of the District, Zone and Sister Training Leaders and in separate Mission Conferences with the Valley and the Mountain missionaries. He shook the hand of every missionary and greeting them as an especial witness of the Savior.

He taught the missionaries principles of effective leadership. He stressed that because of Heavenly Father’s actions, we are born into a world with 100% agency and must therefore live the corollary law of 100% accountability (except for those who are not accountable due to being under 8 or incapable of understanding right from wrong). It is therefore inappropriate to attempt to avoid our accountability by excuses, lies, cover ups, denials, blame or other similar devices. He pointed out that Laman and Lemuel were pretty much the poster children of trying to avoid accountability!

He taught much about marriage (where 100% agency and 100% accountability are vital), teaching that “love” is not something that happens to you – because we are commanded to “love one another as I have loved you” – and since for any commandment you must be able to proactively obey it, love MUST be something we can create. Therefore it is not true that we can “fall out” of love – something that sounds like it just happens.

Elder Robbins taught by example and precept. He is a true servant of the Lord and we love him and sustain him.

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