Departures 11.9.2015

Nov. 2015 Departures (2)

F to B; L to R: Elders Walter, Trout and Freckleton, Pres. and Sister Sweeney, Sister Havea, Elder and Sister Allen, Sisters Rasmussen, Taylor and Hess

It’s Fall in Scottsdale and the perfect weather to host a farewell for 9 amazing missionaries!  Elder and Sister Allen are completing their 1-year service mission as the ASM’s Referral Secretary and Vehicle “Vice President”.  The Allens live in Mesa and it’s been a true blessing to have them serve close to home.  Our departing Elders and Sisters include:

  • a missionary from Tonga, (Sister Havea)
  • one who has been a member for only a few years, (Elder Trout)
  • one who labored on the Ft. Apache reservation for almost a year with great success, (Sister Hess)
  • one from back East who rode his bike (a lot!) (Elder Walter)
  • one Sister who spoke Spanish like a native (Sister Rasmussen)
  • one who liked to drive trucks and split wood (Elder Freckleton)
  • and all nine who labored with all their heart, mind and strength!

The mission – and especially President and Sister Sweeney – have been forever blessed with their presence!

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