Missionary Miracles 10.30.2015 – in Just One Area!

Elder Burgie

Elder Burgie

Elder Tuckett

Elder Tuckett

[Shared with permission]

“This last week has been incredible!

We have been able to get in with some less active members who haven’t had a whole lot of contact in the past!

We have been able to relate CPR to most of the people we were able to meet. CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, in which brings our heart back to working order…so spiritual CPR is Church, Pray, Read…which revives our Spirit!

The first place we went, the Flores Family, we were able to help them in the financial situation by sharing with them Mosiah 24…which speaks of how the Lord will provide if we live up to our Covenants! They agreed that they needed to do better and to change! (Success)

We then saw Gene, a less active 88 year old that we see every week.  This week we were inspired to just start reading the Book of Mormon with him. As we started reading it his caretaker pulled out “her Book of Mormon” and said “I’ll read with you”…Gene had given her a Book of Mormon and bore testimony that he knew that it was true! She is reading it and loving it, we shared the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her and she devoured it! She is doing so well and we hope to invite her to be baptized within the next month! (Success)

Afterward we saw Stephanie, a woman who has been less active for the last 13 years! She told us that she needed to come back and that she needed help doing it. We told her that we would be there the whole time, she has a daughter that haven’t been baptized yet and she loves the missionaries. We will start teaching her very soon! (Success)

Next on the list is Gordon! He is such a nice guy…he has been less-active his whole life and just needs a little push to keep commitments! We talked about a few scriptures that helped convert me and invited him to repent! We will continue to visit! (Success)

We stopped in with the Dahm family! They are a Part-Member family that works on Sunday’s so we are going to work on helping them progress towards asking for time off haha well I don’t know what exactly how to go about it but we will find a way! They are super nice and just need a little bit of CPR before we can bring them back into the fold! They have two unbaptized children that need the Gospel desperately in their situations, so we plan on visiting them once a week! (Success)

And then Juanita! She is an incredible Navajo woman who has had a rough go with the members of her past wards…they had treated her with an indifference and had been little help with the struggles she was going through…when we mad our visits we pointed out that the church is perfect, not the members and she said ‘I know…I chose to be offended, I can’t do that, because this is the true church’ after which she committed to repent! (Success)

The Black’s residence! We went into the Blacks home not having a whole lot of background on them…well apparently Brother Black was baptized because he was dating an LDS girl and thought he might marry her…well she dumped him and he didn’t have a testimony ‘but I know the Book of Mormon is true’ he told us…I responded with ‘then what else do you need to know?’ The spirit was so strong in this lesson and I don’t know how I did it but I called him back to the fold with some scriptures that apparently made sense to him…at the end of my prophesying I testified that everything that was said was done by
the Spirit! He started to tear up and said that he had no concerns he told us that that is what he needed! He needed us to come by and tell him what he needed to do. He told us of how the missionaries in the past were just going ‘through the motions’ and weren’t helping him feel anything. He confirmed to us that he had felt the spirit the most then, than he had ever felt, he then bore testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was Gods church!

If we are worthy to us it we are granted it! The Holy Ghost is definitely a gift that we have to receive into our lives! And as soon as we make the choice to follow Gods will and serve, then we will be able to testify with the power of God all things that are true!

We taught many other people continuing to progress Chris, who we are teaching tonight, towards baptism! He has done so well and is learning so quickly! He loves the Scriptures and feasts upon the words of Christ! We will set a date with him tonight!

We are also working with Matt, who is so solid.  He is ready to be baptized!

We had a baptism this last Saturday! Aurora  was able to be baptized and move closer to our Heavenly Father! It was one of the spiritual points of the week, and I will not forget how excited she was to make that next step!

Aww…good short week!

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