Missionary Wisdom – Elder Thomas

Elder Thomas

Elder Thomas

[Shared with permission]

“I want to share a really cool experience that I had on Sunday while giving a blessing. It was an experience that truly showed me not to doubt impressions from the Spirit. This lady in the ward who needed the blessing was having pain from a recent surgery. During the blessing I felt impressed to say something about angels being near her,
but I brushed it off, not wanting to simply say it because it “sounded good” or some other reason.

The feeling came again, this time a little bit more specific, referring to family members who passed on. This time I decided to go with the impression and said it, not entirely
sure what to say exactly. After the blessing, she and her husband both commented on how they had been thinking about recent ancestors who passed away. The husband even shared that he had been praying for her grandmother to be with her to comfort her. I don’t think I’ve ever had somebody tell me that my words were that guided by the Spirit, and it definitely humbled me, making me want to be always worthy to have that

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