Missionary Wisdom – Elder Nevin

Elder Nevin

Elder Nevin

This is how we do the Lord’s work in the Mountains where every set of Elders has a maul and assists members and nonmembers alike to split firewood come the Fall (had our first snowfall in Show Low earlier this week):

[Shared with Permission]

“Friday we went over to the Stocks in the morning to split their wood. This was the highlight of the week. We just showed up with our maul and told Bro. Stock we were gonna split his wood. He’s the kinda guy who doesn’t ask for help and doesn’t like getting too much help. If he can do it, he likes doing it. But hey, the guy can barely walk. So we went to split his wood. He only let us split the big ones at first. He said he could split the small ones and he would not let us stack AT ALL. He said he would stack later. After we were done with the big ones, he said “Elder Nevin, I think that’s probably good. I can do the rest.” I smiled and said “well, it’s too bad we don’t have anything to do for the next hour.” And kept splitting. He went inside after a little bit to get something. The second he closed the door, me and Elder Bowles started stacking as fast as we could. He came out when we were almost done stacking and looked shocked and a little frustrated haha. He was grateful though. We finished splitting and stacking the whole pile and it was so fun.”

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