Missionary Wisdom – Elder Blue

Elder Blue

Elder Blue

[Shared with permission]

“This last week I had the opportunity to travel to Snowflake; where I spent three days proselyting with a new companion( Elder Meza) . Nearing the end of my third and final day, my companion and I decided to visit one last person. The individual we visited was an elderly woman named Helena ; who lived off on her own, out in the middle of nowhere; without light or electricity. Upon approaching her secluded home, a note on the front door directed us to go around back to where she was. We found her sitting on the patio,reading an old shopping catalog.

Her appearance was quite peculiar; she wore a dark bandanna, coupled with thick framed sun glasses and a (painters) face mask. I was initially taken aback, by her over the top appearance, but I decided to pay it no mind. As we commenced with getting to know her, she informed us that we had a “chemical” sensitivity to just about everything; including light and electricity. (also claiming that she could smell our biological makeup).

Through the course of our discussion,we came to find out that she was an avid believer in the Bible; and that she was quite fascinated with biblical concepts. Her interests in particular revolved around concepts concerning “The Apocalypse/Second-coming”/”The Great Abominable Church”, and “The Trinity”. One-by-one we began to dispel the various theories she had; to which gave her a new found interest in the scriptural doctrine found in the Book of Mormon. As we testified to her about the authenticity of the Book of Mormon, and the Divinity of Christ as the (literal) son of God; her attitude changed, growing silent and sitting in the midst of deep thought.

We asked her to read her Book of Mormon, and to pray for an answer to know that it was true; and She said that she would.  As we began to leave left she grabbed my hand and thanked me over and over again. She kept mumbling “Thank you for coming Blue”. Up
until that moment I had never felt the spirit of love and compassion so strongly before. In that very moment, the words of Alma rang out in my mind “O that I were an angel of the lord”… Without a doubt in my mind…I know that this is truly the Lords work; and that he used me that day to fulfill a part of it.”

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