2015 Sisters Conference!

DSC_0177 Best

Every year in connection with the annual Women’s Conference, Sister Sweeney organizes a Sisters’ Conference in the valley and mountains to strengthen the Sisters in our mission. On Monday, September 14th, the Sisters gathered in the chapel across from the Mission Office and in the Show Low stake center to fellowship and teach each other “the good word of God.”

Approximately 30% of the mission is made of Sisters – and as a group they are the most powerful teachers in the mission! Why? A bit more mature, definitely know their reason for being on a mission and they are overwhelmingly obedient.

This year, the Sister Training Leaders organized and taught the classes. They were excellent!

Sisters Rasmussen, Tenney, and Grooms taught on appreciating the gifts of each personality type – soaring with your strengths! The

Sisters Christensen, Ruggles, Noorda, and Pierson taught on Virtue – and had the Sisters name words that describe virtue by using words that end in “ity” – like purity, charity, humility, and chastity.

Sisters Ballew, Casagrande, Vargas instructed the Sisters on making a difference in their districts and zones by inspiring others – particularly Elders – to live up to their potential. To accomplish this, they were to use persuasion, example, patience and long-suffering – always pulling the Elders to higher ground in obedience, dignity and spirituality. And, when necessary, correcting with an increase of love towards the person reproved.

Sisters Short, Erekson, Jackson, Thomas and Villalta taught similar classes in the Mountains.

We love our Sisters!

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