Departing Missionary Wisdom – Sister Baham

[Shared with permission]

Growing closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever done. It seems like such a backwards concept! Leaving on a mission, is like taking your comfort zone, crumpling it up and throwing it out the window! You don’t like talking to people? Be ready to talk to people all day long, who may or may not slam the door in your face or laugh at the work your trying to accomplish. You need your alone time? Say hello to your companion that you’re with, 24/7! You feel like you don’t know enough about a certain principle? Be prepared to study it out for four hours straight. But all of this leads to our Saviors familiar and comfortable embrace. Without stretching ourselves, we don’t reach new heights. Without obstacles, we never take a leap of faith. Without discouragement, we don’t taste the complete sweetness of the blessings that are always right around the corner. Without these experiences, trials, miracles, we don’t fully come to know Him or love Him to our fullest capacity. I am forever grateful to be a disciple of

Sister Baham

Sister Baham

Jesus Christ!

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