First French Speaker Baptized!

French Sisters Casagrande, Baham, Noorda, Vautier

L to R: Sisters Vautier, Noorda, Brother Israel, Sisters Baham and Casagrande

We have had native French speakers in our mission full time since March 2015.  They have taught many and after 5 months, we have the first fruits of that effort – a baptism!

Israel is his name – and he’s young single adult age.  His story as told by Sister Baham and Sister Casagrande, his teaching missionaries:

“We found Israel by knocking on an apartment door, originally looking for someone else, but obviously God was really looking for him. A couple months earlier, he lived in Congo and had been meeting with missionaries in Africa. He even had a baptismal date! Three days before that baptismal date, he was told he would be going to America. He had to leave his family, and everything he really knew, behind and come to America on his own.

He told us that he thought he would never see or hear of the church again, until we knocked on his door. He also said, “It doesn’t matter if I’m in Africa, America, or the bottom of the sea, God was going to find me.” Since we met him, we taught him regularly, but he was hesitant to progress until we invited him to offer his first kneeling prayer. He said that was the moment everything changed for him, because he knew for himself what he didn’t understand before in Africa. Now he is a baptized member of the church, because he knows that it’s true!

Such a wonderful experience to meet him and teach him 🙂 I know that wherever we are, is where we’re meant to be. And God is aware of the smallest and most specific details.

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