Departures 8.17.2015

The Mission bid farewell to 12 of its best Elders and Sisters with a farewell dinner and testimony meeting on Sunday, August 16th.  This group of missionaries was chock full of mission “legends” – those who (for example) rebuilt the active membership in Ft. Apache in preparation to become a ward, pioneered in Tonto Basin and Young strengthening these 2 little branches, had a family baptism of 7, lived in an apartment with a pet dog (only for a short time!), and made “service” contacting one of the best ways to find new people to teach!   All of them grew into consecrated missionaries while they served!

The day was a hot one, so (except for the group picture) the entire evening was spent inside the mission home (avoiding the 105 degree heat) – where the missionaries dined on cafe rio burritos and salads with fresh tomatoes and avacado.  Dessert was cheesecake with fresh peaches or Texas sheet cake with pecans (some took both!).

Each missionary responded to the invitation to tell their circumstances 30 days and then 5 years into the future.  It’s fascinating to get inside the minds of these returning young man and women and listen to where they want to be.down the road a bit.  Based on their responses, great things lie ahead – including some large families!

We miss them already!

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